Flickr BBCode Bookmarklet

I often want to show my photos in bulletin boards (mainly vBulletin).

Mostly HTML isn't allowed but only provides the HTML code to embed the photo and embedding 2 or more photos is a pain.

So I created this bookmarklet - go to your Photo Download Page and click on the bookmarked link to bring up a popup with the BBCode.



Full Code:

document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src=''; window.setTimeout(function() { if (!document.location.href.match("")){ var gotoFlickr = confirm("This bookmarklet does not work at this page.\nDo you want to move over to Flickr?"); if (gotoFlickr){ document.location.href = ""; } } else { var pictureurl = jQuery('input[name=textfield]').val(); var linkurl = ''+jQuery('a:first').attr('href'); var msg = 'Copy the following code to your clipboard:\n[URL='+linkurl+'][IMG]'+pictureurl+'[/IMG][/URL]'; alert(msg); } }, 1500);void(0);

Drag the link to your bookmark toolbar:

Flickr BBCode Bookmarklet

Flickr BBCode Bookmarklet is ©)2008 by Dominik Hahn,

Inspired by Learning jQuery's jQuery Bookmarklet and the Sumaato Localize Bookmarklet, compressed using the Bookmarklet Crunchinator.